05 April 2011

a single man, 2009

An older man named George loses Jim, his partner of sixteen years in a car accident, and has tried to adjust to being "a single man" ... but he feels he cannot go on without Jim. He cleans out his office, lays out all of his insurance papers and important documents neatly on his desk, and plans to kill himself.

I had been looking forward to seeing Tom Ford's directorial debut - everyone said that it was such a pretty-to-look-at film along with an AMAZING storyline and I was so not disappointed. Fashion designers need to do movies more often. I feel like they have a keener eye for detail than most, which is probably why me, being a detail oriented person, absolutely adored this film.

When everything goes wrong in George's life, the colors are pretty desaturated and bland. When something goes right however, everything becomes warmer and nicer looking. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, until one point where it was blatantly obvious what was going on.

Also, Nicholas Hoult from Skins (drool, I love him to death). I've noticed that British actors speaking with an American accent sound more mid-atlantic than anything. It's strange because I don't think that's how Americans/Californians in this case speak. Matthew Goode, who played Jim, is also British and even though his voice is the equivalent to caramel being drizzled onto expensive European candy, he still sounded mid-atlantic. That was a voice rant and I don't even know why I typed that, but I feel it's IMPORTANT INFORMATION that I needed to share with you all. I'm weird.
People say Skins is my guilty pleasure, but I don't think pleasure should be guilty.

There's a ton of close ups of body parts and faces, mainly eyes. These closeups made me feel like I knew these characters more intimately, like they were actual people instead of just characters in a movie. Especially eyes, probably the most vulnerable part of the face, made more appearances than anything.
 Let's just take a minute here to look at Julianne Moore and see what a babe she is. I cannot believe she's 50.

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Nicole said...

Ohh I wanna see this movie. It sounds like it has an amazing cast- Colin, Matthew, Nicholas, and Julianne! :) Awesome post Sarah :D

kate gabrielle said...

Fantastic post!! I ADORE this movie so much. It's just so pretty and heartbreaking at the same time..

Kalli said...

This is a great movie! Nicholas Hault is so attractive! I love Skins, too. Have you watched Series 5 at all yet? I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Sarah said...

Nicole & Kate - thank you! :D

Kalli - the only one I haven't seen yet is five. I'm waiting for it on dvd so I can get it from netflix :)

kendra said...

IA, Tom Ford def. needs to direct more films. A Single Man is fantastic and Colin should have won the Oscar for it! Love the screencaps :)

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

LOVELY post. I absolutely ADORE this movie. I think I'll watch again. xo

watch movies online said...

One of the year's more satisfying films.