04 February 2011

oh geez, new movies (+ a posh outfit)

HEY, here's a newfangled idea! Before you go see Just Go With It starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, how about you first acquaint yourself with it's original, Cactus Flower? Or how about you see Single White Female instead of The Roommate? As soon as I saw the trailer for the former, I immediately knew within the first 10 seconds that it was going to be a remake of one of my favorites. :(

I plan on not seeing it, but I have legitimate reasons.
  • not a huge Sandler fan. Don't care for Aniston much either. 
  • I feel like the newer version is going to dirtify (guess who just made that up) a sweet, respectful original in order to pass the 2011 viewer seal of approval. I love a tasteful dirty joke every now and then - further evidence that I actually am a 12 year old boy instead of an almost 18 year old girl - but I extremely dislike how almost everything that plays in theaters now has to have a high level of risqué in it in order to succeed at the box office. I understand if it's purposeful (Black Swan - but even then I thought that the scene in question wasn't crucial to the plot and I deemed it a little unnecessary). I just don't think that a film should depend on it's crudeness to make money and gain viewers.
  • The Roommate is a little irrelevant, because I haven't seen either that or Single White Female, but SAME IDEA, WHATEVER IT'S MY BLOG.
Serious Sarah is serious.
My parents call me Lucy all the time when I do eyebrows like this.

And today is also Posh Frock Friday, yipee, so here's my...school outfit. To see the other participants and submit your own, click here.
I felt like a spy, I don't know. I should not be allowed on the internet.


Millie said...

Guhhhh! I love you so much!

Everything about this post was completely true and right. And the outfit...is AWESOME! You're gorgeous! AND I LOVE THAT NECKLACE THING!

kate gabrielle said...

I like Jennifer Aniston from Friends, but I can't really stand any of the movies I've seen her in since then (okay, I've only seen about 1, but that counts) Anyway (why did I even write that?) I totally agree with you about dirtification and remaking old ideas as raunchy new ones :p

Love love your outfit! Especially the necklace! I totally did the spy gun hands when I took pictures this week (not for PFF, for a different ouftit) but my face came out kind of weird in the photo so I didn't end up using it :p

Niamhy said...

Spies are cool. ;-P

And that little Lucy thing (not very technical-can't remember what that sort of 'thing' is actually called) is so cute! :-P

NoirGirl said...

Good for you, Sarah - stick up for the classics! I had no idea there even was a remake of Cactus Flower - UGHHHH. I'm all for boycotting it!

Love your outfit, especially the Audrey sunglasses! And the fact that you are shoeless in the photos. :D

We have a family reference to Lucy, too! We always say that people are like "Lucy with the football" when they are being passive aggressive. ;)

Matthew Coniam said...

In that last picture of you, there seems to be a door behind you, and then behind that there is another door, and behind that is another door.
Is there another door behind that, and do you really need so many doors?
Were all those doors already in the house when you moved in, or was it your idea?
Or are my eyes deceiving me in some way?

Sarah said...

@matthew you're actually looking at a mirrored closet door, which has a bathroom door and another closet door in it's reflection. OR I might just live in a funhouse. I'll leave it up to you :)


Rebecca Jean said...

Can't Hollywood come up with anything original? There must be more ideas to be had. Leave the old movies alone. I like them just the way they are.

I like your sunnies too.

♥ Rebecca Jean
Midnight Maniac