06 January 2011

what they wore: natalie wood

penelope coat
carol outfit

The Penelope hat spurred this whole post and series.

Who doesn't love playing virtual (paper) dolls? I'm kicking off this thing with a bang - and two outfits.

The Penelope set (via modcloth):
your inner animal coat
lady of song hat
retrograde braid bracelet
dionysus bag
earrings are for lovers

The Carol set:
boatneck from old navy
skinny ankle zip trousers from old navy
gold hoops from forever 21 (the exact. same. earrings.)
stone pendant from forever 21
love alive sunglasses from modcloth


kate gabrielle said...

Love this!!

Niamhy said...

This is brilliant!

I want that leopard print hat!

NoirGirl said...

Amazing, Sarah! I can't believe how close you were able to match her outfits!

Sarah said...

Thanks guys! :)

KC said...

I've never been able to figure out what makes Natalie Wood so effortlessly glamorous. I see other stars wearing the same things, but she always looks more amazing. The earrings, sunglasses, hair and that ever-present bracelet. She was impeccable. I love the sunglasses pic!

Millie said...


Seriously! You should do more like it!

And I LOVE your new header!