31 December 2010

It's Posh Frock Friday.

I'm resurrecting this site. Hi.
Posh Frock Friday occurs on the last Friday of every month and it's an opportunity to dress up for no reason, watch a movie, have some cake, and basically have a date night - by yourself.

I'm going to a not-fancy party this evening, so I'll probably just dress up my jeans a little bit but here's one of my favorite dresses ever and me looking like a goon.

Me eating my hair...or something

dress & shrug: old navy
jewelry: rings from all over, pendant from my aunt in AZ (hi if you're reading this)

I also saw this today. IT WAS BIZARRE AND AMAZING.

To submit your own posh frock pictures and see the others who participated, click here!


kate gabrielle said...

I literally laughed out loud - "Me eating my hair...or something" !!!

I love your dress! woo hoo old navy!! :D

And YAY for cinema splendor being resurrected!

Elizabeth said...

You look so cute!! I love your makeup! :)

Mercurie said...

You look so cool, Sarah!

NoirGirl said...

Yay Sarah! The dress has a great pattern, like a snippet from a 30s poster. Love the necklace - I'm working on finding a perfect pendant for myself!

I love your makeup, too! The eye details are SO 60's!

Millie said...


Oh my gosh.


Raquelle said...

Lovely! I love the necklace. And OMG Black Swan. What a mind-bender! That cuticle-ripping scene, I can't get it out of my head. ::shivers::

And yes please to resurrecting the blog!

Anonymous said...

She really is cute (absolutely). She really is cool (totally), and I really do feed her (the eating hair thing!). Most of all, she really is mine...so proud. Love, Mama