31 August 2010

Horror Story

I've never really been one for scary movies, but ever since I watched Paranormal Activity last week, I cannot stop watching them. I was so against watching it, but I figured I'd have a good time with a bunch of my girlfriends who get equally freaked as I do.
It was very Blair Witch-esque (oh I also watched that a few weeks ago too) by the handheld, doc style filming. The actors were also very believable as a young couple dealing with DEMONS. Like Blair Witch, they were given the basic plot of the scene they'd be shooting, then while they were improv-ing lines the crew would add the "effects" and sometimes they didn't know it would even happen. Everything was shot in director Oren Peli's actual home...I mean I would never want to live there again afterwards but whatever. The whole film felt very real which made it scary because it was as if any of it could easily happen to you. Although I would recommend the alternate ending instead; the original was a little too unrealistic and not as scary basically while the alternate was just freakin creepy.

Then the next night I needed a thrill fix, so it was The Exorcist on netflix instant. WHICH WAS SCARY. Ughuhuhuh during the ending I was sitting there with my hands on my face like 'what the heck is going on' and then he jumped OUT THE WINDOW UGH WHAT? So confused for a while after it ended but now I get it. Definitely freaky and weird. A++ for Linda Blair.

So now I've looked up and added a few more movies to my netflix queue; I kind of like being spooked :)


Kalli said...

Yeah, I used to be scared of all scary movies. I watched some horror movies when I was younger that I shouldn't have, so they really freaked me out. You couldn't get me to watch any of them!! I'd refuse it. However, it all changed when I saw Nightmare on Elm Street back in high school. I became a horror film addict. The Exorcist is one of the best!!! Let me know if you want any recommendations!

Millie said...

Did you watch The Exorcist ALONE?!



Personally, anything even slightly scary freaks me out incredibly (Night Gallery is THE death of me)! But, I LOOOOVE slightly cheesy (just slightly! ;-D) Vincent Price horror movies from the 50's/60's. HIGHLY AWESOME FILLED!

Mercurie said...

I love horror movies and have since I was a child. I've seen all of the classic Universal and Hammer horror movies. I love The Exorcist--it is very scary. There aren't too many recent horror movies I like, although The Descent is very well done and very frightening!

Kalli said...

Thanks for following my blog! I really like yours!

Also, I know I'm planning on watching 31 days of horror, but being the fanatic that I am, I kind of watched some already. I watched Child's Play in full for the first time since I freaked out from it when I was about 8. I must have really changed because I was laughing the majority of the time. Still, no way will I have a doll in any room that I sleep in. They scare me because they have a look of deadness in their eyes.

daphne said...

I do love horror movies. . That last film I watch was The last exorcism and it freaks me out really. I was kinda hide myself on a big sofa and start screaming lol

Christy Meyer said...

I only recently started watching horror films again after taking a six year hiatus from them. I'm not sure why, but when I hit my 20's I just got really scared of them. I still have not watched 'Paranormal Activity' because I am trying to add them in slowly, but it's on the list for future viewing. It was nice to read a somewhat similar story.