01 August 2010

Belle de Jour, or how the Ian McShane doppelganger turned out to be Merv the Perv

Inital thought: This is a pretty movie. Horse drawn carriage, Catherine Deneuve wearing an awesome red coat... oooooooooohohohohoho how wrong was I. I'm not saying that Belle de Jour was bad, because it wasn't at all, it was just definitely NOT what I was expecting. I had to do a little research after viewing it just to be sure exactly what had just happened. Which I still don't. Guess I'll be rewatching this again sometime in my life. I'm making this sound so bad, but it's totally not!! I don't know why I'm reviewing it weirdly; UGH sorry teenager moment, whee I love being indecisive Mainly, I couldn't take my eyes off of Catherine Deneuve tra la la she's my girlcrush. Not to mention she had the sweetest hair/outfits/makeup that I kept drooling over because it was perfection. Except I'm not a huge fan of these glasses because they look like corrective cataract sunglasses for old people. And if anyone could tell me how to do that AMAZING hair up-swoop thing that would be greatly appreciated.

So basically, Severine (sounds much better with en accent francais) (I don't even think that was correct French) is a bored wife who is rather chilly and I don't mean like "oh let me go get a sweater the AC is too high" I mean she's a robot. NOT LITERALLY. Although that would have made a really epic movie about a robot prostitute.... OK I'M GETTING CARRIED AWAY So she's bored and wants to make some extra FRANCS if you will, so she decides to go into "the business" and be a daytime hooker. She meets some pretty actually no, extremely bizarre men with extremely bizarre fetishes, it is the weirdest thing EVER. I'm just going to let you draw your own conclusions by this next cap. Hint: she's not dead. And note the creeper camera behind him. Then, which was probably the biggest letdown for me in the entire movie, I thought Ian McShane aka my "hhhhhhhhh oh my goodness hello you handsome lad" person showed up. From the back I SWORE it was him but then it wasn't. Whatever, he's still sort of cute, I thought. Ummmmmmmm 5 minutes later he has a switchblade in his cane, creepy gold teeth, and an obsession for Severine. CREEPER. ALERT. He's in the back. Then he shows up at her house after she quit her day job (heh heh) and is like "Severine, je t'aime, mon amour, oh la la" and she's like DUDE GET OUT OF MY HOUSE and it's pretty much a party from there except not really because guns are involved and stuff goes down. But I'll let you watch that :)

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This was just complete hysterical brilliance.

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