27 July 2010

This is a random post

This gif properly describes me since school ended. For my shelf project I'm calling myself exempt from some movies I own, because I got them as gifts/or whatever and I actually hate them. This includes Twilight. Although it actually may be fun to write that one... I've lost interest in everything this summer other than sleeping, Doctor Who, Skins, and painting rocks. I have had a small stack of movies on top of my tv literally for 4 months, and they need to be returned to their mommies (Casey, Millie, and Kate, respectively) because they are not getting any attention while Doctor Who is on the screen below them. Oh, and check out this blogathon that I'm participating in in the sidebar over there! -> Oh and I just realized that I'm number four in the Classics category on Bloglovin' heeeeeey, all you 2 followers I also have a proposition for the other 97 of you. Would you just completely and absolutely die if I turned this blog into a personal/Scathingly Brilliant-esque blog? I feel like I would update you a lot more with dumb randomness in my life, AND THEN still keep talking about movies. I need your input! This has been a post, I'm Chevy Chase and you're not, goodbye.


NoirGirl said...

Aww I love being referred to as a movie mommie! :D

I say go for it with your new blog idea. I'll read what you write!

And btw - that old man in your David Tennant gif is in a Poirot. Just thought you'd like to know. He's a rather interesting character in his episode...

kate gabrielle said...

First, YAYYYY you are participating in my blogathon!!! :D That makes ..um.. three of us now. lol

And yes, I love the idea to make it movies/personal/everything! :-D

ps. I don't know which movies you have of mine but I'm in no hurry so take your time :-)

Sophie said...

Doctor Who <3 David Tennant...even larger <3

Hi! I'm Sophie, but you can call me Mrs. Tennant ;D You don't know me, but Millie said we should get to know each other because we both love Doctor Who AND classic films. Oh, and we also both seemingly hate Twilight :D That is *always* endearing!

Millie said...

Seriously, Sarah, looks like I'm copying you again...because I WAS gonna copy you and do the Shelf Project (skipping over some gifts...Happy Feet? WHAT?!)...and then I got lazy and never did it! ;-D



Great post!

And, P.S. I'm following you on Bloglovin'...so yeah.