30 July 2010

Breathless, or "meow, JP Belmondo"

I had every intent of "liveblogging" this movie, but then I always get distracted and actually stop paying attention. I took bulleted notes on the first 15 minutes and then got extremely distracted, so I'm going to share some bullets and then talk about them; and I don't know why I felt the need to share that with all of you, ok. First thing on page:
meow, JP Belmondo
Now, Jean-Paul Belmondo is just hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh very attractive. I mean come on... (PS: on my quest for pictures of him I found a blog called European Film Star Postcards! very cool) SPOILERS
JP, dude why did you shoot him?
Michel (JP) has a penchant for randomly killing people, like right in the beginning he just gets out of the car and WHOOPSY pops this dude off. Then later he tells Patricia (Jean Seberg) he'll be right back, goes to the bathroom, another guy comes in, starts washing his hands....Michel knocks him out, drags him into a closet and leaves. No big. END SPOILERS :)
Newspapers don't crinkle like they used to
Ok, this was just an observation, but has anyone else noticed that newspapers in movies aren't that flimsy weird stuff we now have? THEY ACTUALLY CRINKLE, ugh I've always wanted crinkly newspapers.
I think France may be more beautiful in black and white
Jean is so American, but cool shirt
I've always thought Jean Seberg was French, I think it may be that her whole "look" is very European. But when she started speaking (in French) I was like "Oh, um, she's American?" While JP would be calling it "le Clareege" she'd be like "le Claridge" ADFJASDLKFJ that makes me crazy I don't even know. And yes, I know that this is "the first time a woman wore a tshirt in film la de da de da" so I thought I should take note on that. Also, I kind of want it now.
JP lip rub tally = 7 Jean lip rub tally = 1
Apparently this whole thing was a salute to Bogie, but that's just what I read on Wikipedia because I haven't seen like any Bogey (besides Sabrina) ever. SUE ME. But I definitely noticed this little *suave* caress thing which just made me hhhhhhhhhhh more. Overall I definitely liked Breathless, I'm just not sure I loved it. I might have to watch it again but hmm. Now that I'm totally obsessed with French new wave movies, I think Belle Du Jour is getting the Splendor treatment next! Breathless elsewhere: Raquelle's post!

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