24 June 2010

The Shelf Project Day One: 500 Days of Summer

I am so exhausted so I am just going to ramble about how cool this movie is. Is that cool with you guys...?
okay I'm just going to unload some caps onto you, dear reader. I am far too tired to come up with anything else, and the story is absolutely BRILLIANT and it is just a pretty movie, so I'm giving you the prettiness.
PS: what a way to kick off a summer series with a blah post full of pictures. Sorry dudes.
"It just says so much by...saying so little..."
Dear kind sir Joseph Gordon-Levitt, stop turning me into a mushy teenage girl. Many thanks, Sarah
Thank you, zooey-d.net


Millie said...

My sis really liked this movie! I LOVE THE CAPS!

Kate said...

woo hoo it's my favorite new movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, can we not talk about how JGL was turning ME into a mushy teenage girl, too, and I'm 23!? *pathetic*

I love the screen caps! Especially my two obsessive favorite parts of the movie, the IKEA scene and the expectations/reality parts.

And even though it's not usually my kind of thing, my other favorite part is when he's dancing through the streets SO happy!!

I better stop now, I could keep going on for a gazillion years. When I wrote about this movie on my blog, all I could do was post a clip and say how epically adorable JGL is.. it's that kind of movie, you can't be objective or say anything besides "hjfhuofheukwufinew OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH I COULD DIE FROM THE CUTENESS"

Sarah said...

^I had to stop myself from the "jsfkadshkjfalsdfhas;dlfk GAH OMG" wow I had to refrain. This movie turned me into a fangirl (not that I wasn't one already)