13 June 2010

*barges in*

I've decided to actually blog now.
I know.
For a little bit of a "summer series", I'm going to make my way through my dvd shelf. Some I've seen a hundred times, some never. It should be interesting.
and it shall be named......THE SHELF PROJECT.
I'm unoriginal and lazy and include unnecessary return tabs
I'll start it once my exams are over (aka the end of this week) and I'll start my alphabetized collection with 500 Days of Summer.
So now I'm going to leave you with a video of me making brownies.
This is me and my best fran Emily's youtube channel; if you like semi-hilarious and random videos, perhaps you should subscribe :)


Millie said...

"Oh crap! I've already got a shell in there!"


YAAAY! I'm so glad you're gonna be posting more! :-DDD

Can't wait to read all your hilarious reviews!

...And I kinda want to steal your idea! ;-DDD

Sarah said...

:D You should! Maybe I'll start a Shelf Project phenomenon.

Raquelle said...

You need your own cooking show. Seriously! I loved this. Plus your nail polish is awesome.

Sarah said...

LOL thank you! As if they couldn't be any more obnoxiously teal, I put glitter over it. ;)

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Welcome back! I was doing my best to keep the blog coroner from pronouncing Cinema Splendor kaput!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, NEVER. I think as long as I'm alive I'll be blogging :)