01 April 2010

Wonderwall, 1968 - Or Trippy Film Studies 101

Um....hi! It's been a while :) (Before I start this post, I must thank whoever the genius is who made these screencaps, because they are just utterly incredible. And some of them move!! Many thanks to the person behind this blog!)
I watched Wonderwall the other night for the sole purpose of listening to George Harrion's soundtrack for it. I had no idea what it was about, or just how psychedelic it is, I JUST WANTED GEORGE. He's my favorite Beatle. There is extremely little dialogue in this film, but the visuals and insane soundtrack make up for whatever's missing. This is my favorite track from the movie; the whole movie is mainly sitar with a heavy Indian influence, and then BAM this one comes out of nowhere. I'm in the process of trying to make it my ringtone...but that's beside the point..maybe. This quick clip also gives you a 30 second "summary", if you could call it that, of the movie. Very trippy. The bottom line is, there's this Einsteiny looking professor who is just dying to know what is going on in the apartment next door. He turns into a bit of a peeping Tom to see what sorts of shenanigans Jane Birkin and Co. can get themselves into. The wacky dream sequences, Einstein's maid that reminded me of my grandma, and Jane Birkin just generally looking awesome was what made me love this. And I like the really weird movies. I watch them so you don't have to. BUT I REALLY WANT YOU TO WATCH THIS ONE! :D
(PS: 80th post with 80 followers! Spooky!)

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vagabondshoes said...

wow. this is trippy! haha. great post.