13 January 2010

Watch out for those Earth Light Players! {Taking Woodstock, 2009}

Click the caps to make them bigger! Taking Woodstock was mediocre plot-wise. Nothing really too exciting happened until the last hour. But the thing that got me was that EVERYTHING was so authentic, it was as if they really filmed in 1969. Like I totally forgot I was watching something that was made in 2009. It was so genuine, with all of the clothes, hair, attitudes...everything.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a love of the late 60s hippie era. Just watch out for those Earth Light Players; they like to pop up from time to time in nothing but their birthday suits. I also completely LOVE how the split screens from the original Woodstock movie made it as inspirations in this movie.
The guy who played Michael Lang was freakishly exactly like him. The mannerisms, vest, hair...EVERYTHING.
Hello, my name is Sarah Sunchild and I would like to live in this bus please.
Caps by me! No copyright infringement intended.


Harley said...

Hahahaha, this was great.

Never been one for hippies though. great job with the caps!

Sarah said...

LOL. thanks :)