28 January 2010

"If you really want to hear about it..."

It's pretty hard to believe that JD Salinger is gone. The man changed my whole outlook on life in one 192 page novel. He made Holden jump out of the page and into your brain, walk around, poke and prod, and make you think. I recently bought Nine Stories and absolutely cannot wait to read them. The way he writes is unique and I've never encountered anything like it.
(picture by yours truly)


Kate Gabrielle said...

It is really hard to believe.

I really hope you like Nine Stories, it's my favorite of his work, especially the stories Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut (which is the basis for the movie My Foolish Heart, the only movie ever from a Salinger story since he didn't like how it turned out. UGH!) and De Daumier Smith's Blue Period, probably my all time favorite short story EVER.

Sarah said...

I really cannot wait to read it! I need to finish my library book first, but Nine Stories has been staring at me from the shelf.

Mercurie said...

It is hard to believe Salinger is gone. 2010 isn't even a month old and we're already losing giants.

Jennythenipper said...

John at Greenbriar Picture show has a really excellent post about how Salinger was a big film fan.