15 January 2010

Charly - 1968

Lately I've been watching movies and forgetting about them the next day when I wanted to write a post about it, so I came up with a little Hello Kitty notebook (don't judge me) and will write notes when I watch something! :D Charly was my first Cliff Robertson movie. I liked his "after" Charly, but I don't think he was able to tackle the difficult role of "before" Charly. {I know that's super vague, but I don't know how I could describe it any other way!}
It was based on the novel Flowers for Algernon, which I read in ninth grade. The teachers thought that Charly wasn't the best movie to describe the book (?) so we watched Awakenings (which has the same basic plotline) instead. Now that I've seen both, I think Awakenings is better in terms of showing it in schools because it keeps a bit more high schooler friendly, but I really enjoyed Charly as well. The credits start. "Music by Ravi Shankar." OKAY WAIT WHAT That was a glorious moment. I wrote "A+ Ravi" in my notebook. The music was good, but I don't feel that it went along with the movie as seamlessly as I'd expected. Also, with Ravi doing the music, of course it calls for one kind of trippy scene that doesn't really fit in the movie. One minute, Charly's a biker on a Harley, then he's somewhat of a pop icon that looks like Davy Jones? I was pretty lost. Oh, and this is all while there's a sitar going in the background. As for the cinematography, I'm such a sucker for split screens, I was so happy to see them. (dork alert) I also really liked how his and Ms Kinnean's voices were dubbed over several different shots, it was as if they were gracefully laid over the scenes. Caps by me!


Millie said...

YAY! A new post.

I've never seen Charly, but it looks very interesting (Cliff one an Oscar correct?).

I can't promise not to judge you for the Hello, Kitty notebook...I just can't. ;-D

Kate Gabrielle said...

I love the screencaps! :-D I'm a sucker for split-screen too.

Did you like the movie? I haven't actually seen it in years (this is the version we watched when we read Flowers for Algernon in high school lol) but I remember liking it. And you know I <3 Cliff.

Sarah said...

@millie - it was either HK or a bland marble notebook. I picked HK :) Cliff won the oscar for Charly

@kate - You should definitely watch it sometime! And I need to see more Cliff in order to totally seal the deal :D

Millie said...

Whoa, I just realized I typed "one" instead of "won"...SHEESH! Hahaha...

The bland marble notebook could have still be spruced up...I'm still judging you. ;-D

Princess Fire and Music said...

That Hello Kitty notebook is a good idea! I always try to take detailed notes in class while watching a movie so I can write about it later, but I need to start doing so at home, too. I have a terrible habit of forgetting everything I wanted to say as soon as I sit down to say it.