06 December 2009

So y'know what? {The Cincinnati Kid, 1965}

I always feel like posts on here must be long and thought out, but that means I post less often and fill up with random stuff in between. So I've decided, whenever I watch a movie, ANY movie, I'm going to come here and jot down my thoughts on it. More posts? Oh yes. Quick little witty anecdotes about film? YOU BETCHA. I just decided I was going to watch it when Ben Mankiewicz came on my telly and told me how wonderful it was. Not really. But Ann-Margret, Tuesday Weld, Karl Malden, and STEVE MCQUEEN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!? I needed to watch it. (JOAN BLONDELL!?)
Ok, to be brutally honest, I have no idea what really happened towards the end. I can't play cards for my life and I know if I put my entire fortune on the line for poker, I would be sitting under an overpass begging for McDonald's. Needless to say, I had a bit o' difficulty trying to figure out what was happening in Steve and Edward G Robinson's (EDWARD G ROBINSON, PEOPLE) 30 hour game of poker.
Plus, I don't really see how this could be set in the 30's with Annie & Tuesday walking around with poufy 60's hair and tight little dresses that looked like slips. But whatev. I rather liked the whole thing!
-The cast is glorious, if you already couldn't tell by my all-caps, italicized excitement up there.
-It's a dude movie, IMO. Poker, girls in tight dresses, and Steve McQueen (You have a man-crush on him, admit it).


Kate Gabrielle said...

lol you are FANTASTIC I hope you do more posts like this more often!! :D

Mercurie said...

I've always loved this movie, even if the ladies' hairstyles are out of place. And I have to agree, if one doesn't know how to play cards, it is hard to keep track of the climax (fortunately, I know a bit about cards).

Millie said...

Great post!

I love this movie! Seriously, a much happier ending version of The Hustler!

All the actors/characters are amazing!

Even though the Ann-Margaret character is positively hate-able!

Anyways, yeah, I actually like the card game! But, then I knew how to play poker by the time I was six, cause I watched so many old westerns...;-D

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I'm completely unashamed of my McQueen admiration, but the anachronistic hairstyles and clothes were a bit much. They should've just made it a "contemporary" story!

As for posting more, I'm all for you doing it!

Wow, this is the first thing in a long time that hasn't had the words "Thin" or "Man" in it in over a month! ;)

Raquelle said...

Post what you want and when you want on whatever you want and say as much as you want!

I liked the review. Thanks for reviewing Tuesday Weld movies as you would appreciate them much more than I would!