12 December 2009

Hot Enough for June, 1964 - or how I cannot stop fangirling

Okay Kate. You win. I love Dirk Bogarde now. Hot Enough for June reminded me a bit of Charade with all of the undercover spy action, and I totally loved it. There were actually parts where I laughed out loud, which almost never happens, so I realized this movie was already winning and I was like 15 minutes in. DB plays a guy who gets thrown into being a spy without knowing it. I kinda hate movies like this, because you have an everyman who just happens to be completely brilliant and can evade getting killed because he's a spy; so that makes me feel like a worthless teenager. (kidding) (not really..) And when I first saw Sylva Koscina I thought she was quite severe looking in her taxi uniform, but she softened up and I ended up liking her in the end. Fidgety and nervous DB is my favorite kind of DB so far. When he realizes that he's a spy he starts stuttering and being all cute, and call me a girl but my heart melted. I mean really, how could you not adore him... His "disguises" are one of my favorite parts of the whole thing. He's such a smooth spy - he'll just pick up a coat and put it on like it's nothing, pop off a concierge for his suit & tails, etc. My favorite was Robin Hood! Screencaps from Kate's flickr Ok, I think I need one more, Alright I think I'm good. *end fangirling*


Kate Gabrielle said...

muahhahahaha victory is mine!!!!!

I'm so glad you liked the movie (AND DIRK!) yay!!!

My favorite part was all the costume changes too, when he came out in that robin hood costume I got into a fit of uncontrollable giggling. The plumber outfit was particularly dashing, too *sigh* (yes, that implies I thought the robin hood getup was dashing. what can I say? I'm a goner.)

NoirGirl said...

oh wow Sarah...I was trying not to look at the HEFJ screenshots until I could see the movie. Now that I've seen them AND read your rave review, I'm simply dying all the more to see it! I can't believe the Robin Hood costume!

It's utterly marvelous that you are a full blown DB devotee. Welcome along darling! :D

Sarah said...

OH the plumber outfit...he looked like SUCH a fox in that. Which is kind of funny because he was a plumber. HAHAHA! I just realized that. Even DB can look good as a plumber!
And I'm considering yammering magpie for this. I LOVED IT!

Casey, I sent it in the mail yesterday! :D Hope you love it as much as I did!

Mercurie said...

I'm still waiting for my DVD of Hot Enough for June to arrive! I haven't seen the movie in years! :-( Anyway, I always loved Hot Enough for June. It was one of the earliest spy spoofs (Dr. No was only two years old at the time) and it is very original in not only spoofing Bond, but Hitchock and everything else. And I'm with Kate on the disguises. I think like the whole bit as a plumber myself (just funny, dashing Sir Dirk as a plumber).

Millie said...

NOOO! You've succumbed to the DB madness! ;-D

Actually, this looks pretty good! I can't wait to see it!

Kate Gabrielle said...

Oh I'm so glad you liked it enough to want to own it! yeeee

And I just remembered, he's so great at getting out of the spy jams because he's a WRITER who happens to be brilliant anyway. I can't explain why Cary Grant is so smart in North by Northwest, though, he's just an ad man!