15 September 2009

Is there a Mrs Dyle?

CHARAAADEE! I've finally seen it after what seems like EVER. Regina Lampert gets caught up with some crime loving thugs after her husband is mysteriously murdered. Audrey Hepburn is veeery good in thrillers (Wait Until Dark, omg) and I wish she did more! Her character somehow maintains a calm-ish attitude despite being almost killed on many an occasion by three scary dudes. Reggie manages to evade being killed by scary metal claw man or when she's in between two guns and doesn't know who or what to believe. One thing I noticed being my analytical self was that the very beginning, a water gun is pointed at Regina by her friend's son and at the end another one is being pointed at her but unfortch, this was not a water gun. ;) *insert record scratching noise* Wait. I just read on IMDB that Cary Grant turned this down at first and it was being considered as a vehicle for Warren Beatty & Natalie Wood. Please excuse me for a minute while I go cry. AS I WAS SAYING... The lines in this movie were so witty and hilarious. During the funeral scene I was laughing so hard I was making inhuman noises. I also loved the fact that there was Multiple-Personality Grant. Seriously, he had like 7 names. Whenever he introduces a new name, Regina always asked if there was a Mrs New Name. Yes, but they're divorced. :) The end was also pretty funny - Regina wants to get married to whatever his name was at this point and she says she hopes they have a lot of boys so she can name them all after him. AWW :D


Kate Gabrielle said...

yayyy!! you're back :D

I adore Natalie Wood but don't you think this role was just made for Audrey Hepburn!?

I love this: "Reggie manages to evade being killed by scary metal claw man" LOL!

Sarah said...

I do agree the role was tailor made for Audrey, but the prospect of there being another NW movie makes me excited and bummed at the same time because it never happened. :( She was supposed to be in Bonnie & Clyde too! Then again, that is the definative Faye Dunaway role...AH!

Mercurie said...

I love Charade. And I do think it was one of Audrey's best roles. As much as I love Natalie, it is hard to even picture her in the film. One interesting tidbit I heard years ago is that because of the age difference between Audrey and Cary Grant, Grant insisted that Audrey be more of the pursuer in the relationship!

Raquelle said...

You are so funny. THis is hands-down the best and most interesting review of Charade I've read.

How come Kate Gabrielle is always the first one to post a comment?! One of these days I'm going to beat her at her own game! Muah ha ha ha ha!

Juliette. said...

Love Charade! It's tied with All About Eve as my favorite film of all time. :)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Millie said...

That's amazing, that you've never seen it!

It's like the definition of cool!

I love the villains so much. They're so stinkin' cool! And their deaths are so over the top!

And the funeral is hilarious!

Gosh, I just realized I haven't seen this movie in like a year!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gotta have my Audrey/Hitchcock (this is a definite pseudo-Hitchcock!)watching buddy over to watch it again with me!

Sarah said...

Thanks, all! :D

Alexander Dyle said...

"Yes... but we're divorced."

Alexander Dyle

Lolita said...

Great review! I have to see this!

Lolita said...

I've given you the Kreativ Blogger award! Read more here! Love //Lolita