25 August 2009

It's great, they got stuff!

Even though I haven't posted in..ever, I feel obligated to at least say a few things every once in a while? Bless all of you people who still love me even if I post -3 times a month. So, I've been getting my Beatle on and watched Across the Universe. I wanna feed the cow! favorite. I need a fix cause I'm going down... 2nd favorite. Do yourself a favor and go watch it because it is AMAZING. It's really artsy, so hippies like I enjoy it :) I kind of scrapped my new blog for a trade of a Tumblr. Go visit it! golden slumbers I'm off to OD more on Beatles, see ya later!

1 comment:

Mercurie said...

Thanks so much for posting those links! I've been looking for the clip to "Happiness is a Warm Gun" for ages (it's my favourite clip).