30 July 2009

Good evening, my friends

random Audrey photo. I feel like I haven't posted in forever. Updates? Millie awarded me the Lovely Blog Award. It's 11:06 pm and Mr Brain is no longer functioning, so consider anybody who reads this here sentence, has a lovely blog. Entrac'te. The End. I made a new blog a while ago and posted the link on twitter and just never got around to posting it here. It's just a blog about my life. Haha that just sounds so awkward. Click here to see it! I got a turntable! Mom gave me her old Partridge Family albums, YAY :D I'm almost to the part where Bonnie Blue falls off the horse. I HATE THIS PART. I am going to learn the keyboard and I will be playing the intro to "Light My Fire" for weeks. Did I mention I made a new blog? My friend went to Madame Tussauds in New York and took the craziest pictures with poses. I am so jealous. I bought a scarf at Forever 21 but the tag said scraf. That's what you get for six bucks. Um...new blog? I feel like you should be reading this on my new blog. This is mortifying. I PROMISE I'll actually use this blog for cinematic reasons!!! I have been getting so off topic lately and have not done a decent review in ever. Just as soon as I get out of my Natalie-Netflix-palooza I will write up a witty review for some undecided movie. And if you've read this whole thing to the bottom...go eat some cookies. You deserve it for putting up with my antics.


Millie said...

I love you Sarah!

This post was seriously amazing!

BTW, cool new blog!

I'm thinking of starting a new one just for classic TV.


My dad used to have one (from when he was little) but it broke a couple of months ago! :-( I have so many old records (The Monkees, Sinatra, Deanna Durbin, old movie soundtracks,etc.) it makes me said that I can't play them!

Sorry about the long comment!


Kate Gabrielle said...

yay! cookies :)

I love your new blog by the way :)

Merriam said...

Oh neat, I like your new blog! And thanks for the cookies!