16 July 2009

Brassy Broad - Mrs Chasen

Brassy broad /adjective: An in your face, opinionated gal. Almost always wears fabulous ensembles and will never refuse a drink. Can speak in a fantastic voice while wearing spectacular hats. Can sometimes have a soft side. Today's Brassy Broad - Mrs Chasen (Vivian Pickles) from Harold & Maude Voice = A rich and snotty English woman who loves her bourbon. Unfortch, there aren't many good samples of her on youtube, but I managed to find this. Spoilers beware! Spectacular hat count = 3, plus the above Every brassy broad should have a bedroom that is up to her caliber of fabulousity. Signature line: I have here, Harold, the forms sent out by the National Computer Dating Service. It seems to me that as you do not get along with the daughters of my friends, this is the best way for you to find a prospective wife. Nominate a broad! I'll have a button up in the sidebar soon so you can drop a name or two :)


Kate Gabrielle said...

omg is that first one a bathing cap? I WANT IT!!! fabulous!!

This movie was on last week and I kept trying to give myself mental reminders to watch it, and then totally missed it again... I need to see it, you rave about it so much I have high expectations :)

I don't know why, but Gypsy Rose Lee's character in The Trouble with Angels comes to mind for this series..

Mercurie said...

Mrs. Chasen was certainly an interesting character in a movie filled with interesting characters. It's one of the reasons Harold and Maude is so good!

Sarah said...

Kate, it is a bathing cap!! I got so jealous when I saw it for the first time. The whole movie is a mix of emotions, I just chose to highlight the comedic aspects ;) And I've got to rewatch Trouble With Angels now!

Mercurie, Mrs Chasen for me is like the stitches that hold together the movie. If she wasn't there (or if Vivian didn't play her) I don't think the movie would be the same!