15 May 2009

More randomness...eck!

I am totally overloading on the randomness lately and it hurts my head! The final movie of the Hitchcock Fest will be held on Sunday, so something about North by Northwest will be up by at least Tuesday. :) First, I was given the Friendly Blogger Award by Kate from flapper doodle. YAY! I think everybody has been tagged, but I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone for being super kind and tag all of my followers! Woot!
Annie & a...tiger? What is that thing? EDIT: Raquelle says it's an ocelot. After reading about it, I trust her! {click to make it bigger}
And I was tagged by Millie for Crazy Eights. 8 Things I look forward to: 1. Hanging out with my friends on the weekends. 2. Checking facebook & twitter. 3. Getting my driver's permit (I'm lazy) 4. The birthday parties I'm invited to for three Saturdays in a row. 5. Mastering my DVD recorder and learning how to get movies onto disc from DVR. 6. Getting the VCR/DVD player in my room (Can you tell I'm in a technical mess right now?) 7. Trying out for A Midsummer Night's Dream for school next week (NERVOUS) 8. Summer :D 8 Things I did yesterday: 1. Played a double-header for my church softball team (=pain). 2. Had leftover turkey meatballs for dinner. 3. Stayed after school for math help (Pi=I can't do math). 4. Laughed after my friend said "domitate" instead of "dominate" 5. Goofed off in Global with my friend (Cold War videos can get really boring). 6. Died when I saw the guy I like in the hall. 7. Touched up the paint on my toes. 8. Wished for summer to come so I can lay down in the grass and go swimming and be more tan. 8 Things I wish I could do: 1. Eat a ton of ice cream without regretting it. 2. Get rid of my intense anxiety. 3. Take a trip to California/NYC 4. Post on my blog more often :/ 5. Have super long hair. 6. Make my bed every morning. 7. Wake up early on the weekends. 8. Master a sixites look, complete with big puffy bouffant-y hair and winged eyeliner (I'm getting there!) 8 TV Shows I watch: 1. Bewitched 2. Law & Order SVU 3. ....umm... 4. TCM 5. Comedy Central Presents (Love standup, would like to do it someday) 6. TCM? 7. random stuff that happens to be on Ovation 8. ...did I mention TCM?


Graciebird said...

Hey, I tagged you too!

And I happen to be *horrible* in math as well, that's way I'm not taking it this year.

And super long hair? Uh, no you don't wish you had that, trust me.

Raquelle said...

That's an ocelot! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocelot

Love the new design Sarah.

Sarah said...

Harly, maybe I would just like the hair for a few days. Just so I could play with it :)

Raquelle, thank you for the ocelot and the comment!