14 April 2009

Quiztime! Harold & Maude Edition

Are you Harold or Maude? 1. You drive... a) several stolen cars; whatever works for you at the moment. b) a Jaguar/hearse. 2. What kind of flower would you be? a) a sunflower. b) one that looks like the rest. 3. You live... a) in a railroad car b) in a huge mansion with your arrogant mother. 4. You... a) replant trees from the sidewalk in the forest, where they belong. b) perform fake suicides to your arrogant mother's horror. 5. You play... a) Cat Stevens on piano. b) Cat Stevens on banjo. If you picked: Mostly A's - You are Maude. "Tell me, do you sing and dance?" You wear milkmaid braids pinned to the top of your head, love life, like to sing out, sing out and be free, be free. You help Harold hatch a plan to keep him from being drafted. You don't believe in drivers' licenses. Mostly B's - You are Harold. "Do you...enjoy...knives?" You enjoy hanging yourself for fun, blowing yourself up/chopping off your hand/stabbing yourself with antique knives on dates to the girl's terror. You throw birthday parties for Maude with organic champagne and paper sunflowers. "I like you, Maude." "I like you, Harold." PS: I'm in love with Bud Cort.:D


Nicole said...

haha that's hilarious, I got Harold. I'm a little nuts, aren't I? lol

Kid said...

I love the picture/screenshot at the end :)

I have Cat Stevens in my head..

Sarah said...

Nicole, don't worry. I showed this to my friend and she got Harold. I got Maude, however!

Kid, thank you! That scene from the screenshot is one of my favorites :)