14 February 2009

Valentine's Day and my nonexsistent love life

Int, day. Lunch, Friday. Girl 1, Girl 2, and Sarah discussing Valentine's day plans amdist 3 other boys who really could care less. Girl 1: I'm going to Olive Garden with Joey, then we're gonna go see My Bloody Valentine. OMFG, I'm like so scared! Girl 2: Holy crap, no way! I'm going to Olive Garden with Brett! OMG, maybe we'll see each other there! Girl 1: OMG, that'd be crazy! Hey Sarah, what are you doing for V-Day? Me: Eating a tub of ice cream wearing flannel pajamas and feeling sorry for myself, I guess? Girl 1 & 2: HAHAHA OMG Sarah, you are too funny! Me: I wasn't trying to be. THE END. I got into the lovey mood yesterday by watching a hacked version of The Shining on Bravo (they know how to cut, TCM knows how not to) and doing crossword puzzles, then topped the day off with going out for burritos with my family. I love rambling posts, don't you?! Happy Valentine's Day. Oh...I was gonna post this pic, but Emmelynn ruined my fun :( Oh well, I still like her :) So I'll post this instead. Kate & Spence adoring each other


Graciebird said...

EWWW...My Bloody Valentine??? Hmm...talk about romantic.

Don't worry Sarah, my love life is nonexistent as well. If only that certain boy would stop staring at me and actually talk for once!!!! (To me that is).

emme said...

You had better still like me... ;)

I've been meaning to drop by to tell you how happy I am to have found your blog. I've searched long and hard for other classic (mainly) movie blogs & either find none at all or find super-duper cheesy ones! :) Your stands in nice contrast!


Lolita said...

Gorgeous picture! That couple was one of the most romantic ones in Hollywood. They're competing with Bogart & Bacall. Imagine that the four of them were actually close friends. I would kill to be able to ride a time machine and have a coffee in that company.

Valentine's day sucks.

Sarah said...

Harly: Oh, it's so romantic...I'm dying to get to school tomorrow and ask her how it was.

Emily: Thanks for the comment! I love Nat, so I was happy to see her on your blog ;)

Lolita: I'll go back in time with you! I honestly wish I could go all Marty McFly and go back to that era. And Valentine's day really does suck. haha