03 February 2009

Review of The Children's Hour and the meanest child who ever lived

WAIT! HERE BE SPOILERS Let me start off by saying The Children's Hour is good for you if you're looking for something depressing and you want to throw something at your television. I mainly watched it because Audrey Hepburn is in it...this is not your average Audrey movie, so beware if you think you will be seeing happy go lucky Audrey. It starts off unassuming. Audrey and Shirley MacLaine are the co-owners of a girl's school in a nice country setting. Hepburn has been dating James Garner (who I love) for basically ever and MacLaine is jealous. The viewer believes that she is in love with Garner, and she's jealous of Hepburn. HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE, INSERT DRAMA HERE. Mary, aka the meanest child who ever lived, is a little fish face booger head. I HATE HER. Passing over my opinions and onto this review; Mary's bored and decides to make up a rumor that the two women (Mac and Hep) are lovers. She tells her equally fish faced grandmother, who promptly tells the other girls' parents and eventually every single girl is yanked out of school. Portrait of Mean Mary by Sarah (caps from a bad combo of camera and tv): Mac, Hep and Garner want proof of how this so called lover-ship (I don't think that's a word) was created. They go to trial, which is not shown in the movie, and the women are forced to close the school they worked so hard for. Back at the abandoned school, Mac confesses that she really did/does have feeling for Hep. Hep sorta wigs out and says she will leave and start a new life...she leaves, Mac's crazy aunt asks her if she has seen Mac lately, Hep gets a bad feeling, goes back to the school and finds...suprise! Mac hung herself because apparently there's nothing to life without Hep. So...I told you it was depressing.


Raquelle said...

I'm gathering from your reaction to this film that you were expecting something happy go lucky? Eek! How disappointing that must have been?

I really love this movie. Shirley MacLaine won me over with her performance. And it's the only time I ever hated James Garner's character in anything.

Millie said...

OMG, this movie is depressing. And that girl ANNOYS me/stresses me out/angers me/drives me into murderous inclinations. The ending I kinda like though (in a “The Heiress” kinda way). When Audrey walks away from the cemetery…it’s rather satisfying. But, it doesn’t bring Shirley back, nor does it bring James back. :’(

Millie said...

Oh, BTW, Sarah, yesterday I received the Superior Scribbler award. It was my duty to choose five blogs which I believe have the most amazing writing. You are one of the five I chose.

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Congratulations! -Millie

Sarah said...

Raquelle: I didn't think it was going to be a happy go lucky movie, but man, was I in for the unexpected drama! And James' character seemed sort of all over the place.

Mille: That child...*puts fist through paned glass* And Audrey walking away is somehow poignant.
And thanks for awarding me!

Millie said...

I know! That girl made every other mean-spirited, annoying child look like Shirley Temple. That was definitely some good acting, on her part (unless she was like that in real life…hmm?)

And your welcome. You were absolutely deserving of it!

Nicole said...

That movie was so depressing and I was so ready to kill that little girl. haha

Evangeline said...

I saw These Three before this one, so my hate is reserved for (sorry *g*) your favorite actress, Bonita Granville.