17 February 2009

Dissecting 'Niagara': Part Three, The Bell Tower and Niagara River

The Carillon Bell Tower where Rose (Marilyn Monroe) meets her fate still stands today in the same place. It is at the end of the Rainbow Bridge on the Canadian side... In the climax of the movie, George (Joseph Cotten) steals Polly's (Jean Peters) boat with Polly still in it...THIS COULD NEVER HAPPEN. If you were going down the Niagara River (if you were still alive, that is) you would have to be crazy. There are whirlpools and super rough waters, so I don't think it would be wise to take a leisurely ride down the river. [Side note; ever hear about the idiots who go down in barrels thinking they'll survive and be heroes? Well, about 98% of them become fish food and the other 2% that survive get fined and/or thrown in jail.] I worked up this little diddy from an image I found on wikipedia. The square is the general area where the Rainbow Cabins "are", the circle is where Polly gets stranded on the rock after jumping from the boat, and the arrow pointing upward is where the boat journey started. Caps from Scott at TCM, other pics from Google.


Lolita said...

Haha, lovely! I guess it's a fulltime job to point out all the Hollywood films that are divorced from reality, though. But the idea is great.

Is it foolish of me to like this movie still? Love Cotten and Monroe.

Keep up the good work!


Sarah said...

Hi Lolita, thanks for the comment! I still love this movie, even though I'm an expert at pointing out all this stuff ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! Try watching the movie a second time and maybe make some notes.

He wasn't taking a leisurely ride down the river. He wanted to cross to the American side. Then he saw the police so he went down river to keep the cops away. Then he ran out of gas unexpectedly. By that time it was too late and the rest is history.

I should know. I was the grip boy on the set. Still, nice to see young snapers taking an interest in the classics. :-)

Sarah said...

Hi, thanks for the comment! I understand his "ride" now after watching Niagara for another time, so thanks for pointing that out! And wow, a grip boy!? I'd love to hear any stories if you have them!