25 February 2009

Chronicling My Love Affair with Profiles

Brigitte Bardot, Jame Stewart and Carole Lombard, Vivien Leigh, Henry Fonda, Kim Novak, Bette Davis, William Holden and Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood & Lauren Bacall I love profiles. I don't know where or how it got started, but I love them. In my search for photos, I found it harder to find profiles of men, especially in pics after the 40's. I guess they took more studio portraits then. Women on the other hand, were super easy to find. I think Viv, Nat and Grace had the prettiest noses out of the bunch, but then again everybody looks great in black and white ;) The Nat box set review is coming soon, I have one more to watch and one to rewatch (I don't think I was really paying attention the first time). I'm also in the middle of my 200 point research thesis paper for English, so that is adding to my procrastination :( Photos from simplyclassics.net and vivandlarry.com


Kate Gabrielle said...

I love profiles too, they are so classy! I love how you compiled the pictures, too!

Millie said...


I think the one of Lauren Bacall is absolutely gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Thanks, guys :D

Millie said...

Hey, Sarah, something REALLY weird just happened.

I have been doing this photo project and I need a bunch of pics of old movie stars baking/eating desserts...especially chocolate. Don't ask me why, because it would take too long to explain... ;-D

Anyways, I have been doing a lot of searching tonight (got an excellent one of Rita Hayworth). And I typed in the Google Images search box "Deanna Durbin chocolate" and the second and third results for pictures linked me to your blog!

I guess it's nothing really weird, but I did think it was rather cool. Now, you know, that whenever anyone else happens to type in Deanna Durbin and Chocolate together...they will see your blog...hahaha!

Nik said...

I love this. I hate Elizabeth Taylor more now-- her nose looks good at all angles.

My favorite is of Becall and Fonda with their cancer sticks...so romantic old hollywood. They don't take those kind of photos now that's for sure...although I just can't resist the cool effect of silver smoke risng from that cigarette.

Wendymoon said...

Nice profiles. :-)

Just wanted to let you know I named you on my blog, sending a Dardos award your way. I really enjoy your posts. Keep them coming!

Mary said...

ughhhh i want to be brigitte bardot... seriously..

beautiful ladies

hana-bi. said...

I love the way you arranged the pictures. :D
You've got a few of my faves on there, too! (Jimmy, Carole, Vivien, Bette, Lauren)

Sarah said...

Nik: I could never smoke, but sometimes they just make it look so glamorous!

Thanks for the award, Wendy!

Mary, great to see you here! I love your blog so I'm happy you found mine :D And I think everybody wants to be like BB.

hana-bi, thanks for the comment!

VP81955 said...

Nice pix -- including one of my all-time favorite actress, Carole Lombard. I cordially invite you to visit my site, "Carole & Co.":


Please check it out. We have more than 750 entries dealing with Lombard, her life and times, and people she knew and worked with. We have plenty of rare photos as well.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comment! I've been to Carole & Co before, it is a really great site. Glad to see you around here!