03 December 2008

Ten Things I love about classic movies

1. The politeness: The "Mr." and "Mrs." makes me wild. I would totally call people by Mr.___ or Miss___ if it was socially acceptable by fellow 16 year olds. 2. Dinner clubs and lounges where people go after they break up with a significant other and listen to Diahann Carroll sing the blues. (I can't say I don't love this movie, 'cause I do.TCM's showing it December 18th?! *fangirl screams*)
3. The appearances of men and women. Men are almost always in suits, and the women are dressed to the nines ALL THE TIME. Furs, heels, and fancy jewelry is always awesome. 4. The "jerk" in the picture when a scene dissolves into a new one: This is a weird one, but I can't help but get excited when the lighting gets darker and I know that a new scene is coming. 5. Fun words!: This probably goes back to number one, but I love all the extra words that are so not needed, but they pepper a sentence. For example; why say "I had a bad day" when you can say "I've had the most terribly dreadful day of my entire exsistence!"
6. Original scores: Many movies today just use generic pop songs to score a movie. *sigh* Old movies almost always have scores that were written specifically for THAT movie. One thing I've noticed - Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Marnie (1964) scores sounds freakishly similar. Anybody with me? 7. Fun and entertaining opening credits: Nowadays, there is the camera moving along, capturing images with words clouding the frame. Why have that when you can have THIS?! So fun :D 8. Black and white makes everybody look flawless. It's a fact of nature. 9. Hairstyles and hats: Borrowing the hat thing from Movie Watching Girl, ladies' hair always looks impeccable. I've tried to copy 30's and 40's updos to no avail :( But I always have a hat to cover up the mess! (PS: I finally mastered the teased-bouffant-Brigitte Bardot-sixties 'do. It only took me the whole freaking summer. Lol) 10. MUSICALS! They don't make them anymore! Where have they gone? Probably my most favorite genre ever, they are super fun and cheery. Also, a lot of thought and effort go into choreography and such. Who can forget the ballet from An American in Paris?
This has nothing to do with the post, but I think this photo is so funny! (Cred for the idea to Another Old Movie Blog and Movie Watching Girl..and thanks for the reminder, Raquelle!)


Raquelle said...

Nice list! I'm working on mine and will post soon.

But hun, you should be giving some credit to Another Old Movie Blog!

Wendymoon said...

I'm a fan of interesting credits, too. Have you seen the opening for The Pink Panther? Also, a newer movie with cool credits is Catch Me If You Can.

Sarah said...

Raquelle: Thanks for the heads up :)

Wendy: The Pink Panther credits are awesome! I rewatched them on TCM the other night, then went to bed with thought of pink cats :D

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I've never seen that picture of Ginger Rogers and Susan Hayward before! That is them, right? It warms my heart to see two of my favorite actresses rubbing elbows!

Sarah said...

Yup, that is them! Glad you like the pic :)