12 December 2008

Photo of the Moment

Three things I like about this photo: 1. I love kitties ;D 2. Vivien and Laurence are one of my favorite couples ever. 3. Kendra's site on these two is equally amazing! She has things you would NEVER find online or anywhere else; vivandlarry.com


Kendra said...

oh hi! thanks for mentioning my site--great post! They're so cute!


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

My favorite picture of "Vivien and Larry" is the one at David O. Selznick's house, with Leigh looking as beautiful as I've ever seen her and Olivier looking over at her with such an obvious look of love.

Sarah said...

Hi Kendra ;D

CK: Do you have a pic of it? I'd love to see it!

Kendra said...

hi! :)

i think CK means this pic on the top left, maybe:


Sarah said...

Thanks Kendra! I love the bottom right one :)<3