11 November 2008

Sex and the Single Girl - 1964

It's about time that I review a movie starring my favorite person ever, Natalie Wood. One of my favorites of hers is a 60's comedy, Sex and the Single Girl. It is about a young man wanting dirt for his tabloid by posing as his neighbor (who is too ashamed to go himself) going to a relationship therapist. The man ends up falling in love with the therapist (shocking, right?) and hilarity ensues. The movie was actually based off of a 1962 best seller of the same name. Nat's character of Helen Brown is based off of the author, Helen Gurley Brown who herself is quite interesting. With an all-star cast, how can you not love it? Tony Curtis, Lauren Bacall and Henry Fonda all have great roles that they played extremely well. Many consider this one of Natalie's worst films, as she was in a rut in her career and personal life, but S&TSG is just a feel-good movie that's full of laughs. You can watch Sex and the Single Girl here on Youtube courtesy of Stephsayss.


pacwarbuff said...

Hi! You may be interested to know that "Sex & the Single Girl"'s soundtrack (along with "The Chapman Report") is available on CD! It's great for those Sunday Summer drives...nice loungey stylings.


Raquelle said...

Ooh I so want to see this film. I'm not crazy about watching movies on the computer, but since it's not on DVD, I might have to.