04 November 2008

Christmas: It's never too early!

Dear Santa,
Pretty please bring me DVD's galore and biographies on my favorite stars.
How about...Pieces of my Heart by Robert J. Wagner? or some Marilyn Monroe biography (perhaps the Leamings one)?
DVD's please: Rebecca, This Property is Condemned, Love Story, The Apartment, Gilda, Gigi, Meet Me in St Louis, (some would replace VHS's) some more Hitchcock? (not that I don't have enough, scroll down some)
Now, I do realize that this has nothing to do with classic movies, but I needed to write all of this down somewhere. And now for what I promised about 2 lines ago:
Isn't it glorious? I love to dig through the $5 bins....YES, it was five bleeping dollars. :D
Disc One: Rich and Strange, The 39 Steps, Secret Agent, Champagne, Blackmail
Disc Two: The Lady Vanishes, The Farmer's Wife, The Manxman, The Chaney Vase, The Sorceror's Apprentice
Disc Three: Easy Virtue, Jamaica Inn, The Lodger, The Ring, Young and Innocent
Disc Four: Juno and the Paycock, Sabotage, The Skin Game, Number Seventeen, The Man Who Knew Too Much (non Jimmy Stewart version)
Hitch is my favorite director, I don't know if that will be forever, but his way of thinking and making things just fascinates me. I especially love all of the themes in his films; I know one is "the icy blonde" and voyeurism. I also LOVE Billy Wilder. If anyone can get me into other directors, that'd be great!
Alright, now the DVR is up to 32%, so I'm going to go watch Sunset Boulevard (I think I'll like it!)


red-handed said...

What about the cold, awkward possessiveness over his female leads?

red-handed said...

My wife is the bigger fan. For me he's more character than director (like some actors are more icons than performers).

Raquelle said...

$5! You are so lucky.

I wish Santa Claus would send me lots of DVD this year! ::fingers crossed tightly::