02 November 2008

Atonement - Just to add to my obsession of period films lately.

I get free HBO for a month because my family switched our cable provider, and I LOVE IT. I've been seeing all of these movies I wanted to see because I never would want to rent them, and now I'm just dying of happiness.
One of the first movies I saw was Atonement, which I knew I wanted to see. It's about a young girl who changes the course of her sister's relationship with her lover. I instantly fell in love with the story and WOW, the screenwriting and directing was amazing. If you've seen it, don't you just love the "flashbacks" in the beginning? For instance, when you see Cecilia drop the hairclip and Robbie steps on it, you know what's coming.
I love the scene where the opera record is playing and it keeps cutting from him writing the letter to her getting ready for the dinner.
My other favorite scene.
I'm buying it on DVD as soon as I possibly can, because we got the new cable just 2 weeks ago, and I (one out of 4 people) have filled up the DVR by 26%. Oops.
Final thoughts: Watch it, because it is a beautifully made film, and because I want you to. :)

Oh, and Briony - please get yourself a new 'do.

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Raquelle said...

Don't you love the typewriter motif in this movie? It's da bomb. This is definitely the kind of film a classic film lover can enjoy. I'm glad you liked it so much.

I Heart Romola Garai!!!