07 October 2008

Not quite a classic, but...



Now I know I said that this was a classic movie blog, but I can't help but oo and goo over it. I knew I liked that Sofia Coppola. After all, she is daughter of Francis Ford-Coppola, who directed and produced some of the most amazing movies ever (The Outsiders, anyone?) He also helped produce this movie. Kirsten Dunst is also amazingly beautiful in it, which makes it even better. Photobucket The clothes. The cakes. The champagne. The drama, not to mention Count Ferson, :D<3 Photobucket The Petit Trianon. *sighs* I want one so bad. Screencaps from screenmusings.org, other photos from Google.

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Raquelle said...

Welcome back!!!

I do really love this film. I was dazzled by all the colors of the clothes and set decor. The whole film has kind of a muted grandiosity to it. And yes Kirsten Dunst is amazing.

Did you enjoy Norma Shearer in Marie Antoinette? 1938 I believe it is.